The Heart of Our Business

At Pharr HP, we work closely with you to create the exact high-performance yarn you need to meet your goals. No matter how complex. We are dedicated to working harder and thinking bigger because the heart of our business is not a product. It’s a person, and our technology helps you protect them. If you can tell us what you need to reach your goal, we can help you achieve it.

The Science of Safety

Put-Ups and Finishes

Cones, Dye tubes, Skeins, Waxing, Condition, Autoclaving, Dyed Yarns, Colored Yarns

Spinning Systems

Short Staple (Cotton System)
Long Staple (Modified Worsted System)
Core Spinning
Air Jet Spinning

Count Range

1/8–1/30 Worsted Count

4/1–70/1 English Cotton Count
Yarns and Multiple-ply

Explore HP Fibers

Pharr HP is in the business of continually researching and understanding Fire Resistant and Cut Resistant fibers to continue to build to our growing fiber arsenal. We use that knowledge and understanding to create the fiber blend that delivers your optimal solutions and maximize effectiveness to pass testing protocols.