Serving Those Who Serve Us

Pharr High Performance is in the business of protecting people’s lives and their livelihoods and we pride ourselves on taking the necessary steps to know, understand and exceed all our customer’s specific needs to ensure this happens. We start by working with each customer to define the end use and testing protocols that are to be met, we use fibers from our 150+ fiber arsenal with inherent properties that once spun, will pass protocols and ultimately design a high-performance yarn specific to each need of every customer.


From active duty and special ops to daily life on base, protecting those who protect us is at the forefront of every Pharr High Performance process. With the right protective garments, service men and women have one less thing to worry about. Those garments are made possible by high-performance yarns spun from various Berry Compliant fibers, with a proven reliability demonstrated through rigorous testing protocols. Whether in the air, on a boat, artillery soldiers or foot soldiers, Pharr High Performance makes it our mission to protect these brave men and women. Our heroes deserve the best protection, and that protection starts with Pharr High Performance.

Fire Service

When you think about your local firefighters and first responders, and the heavy load they must bear – their gear shouldn’t add to it. Pharr High Performance sources fibers to create unique yarn blends that will be used to create fire resistant liners, outer shells and accessories designed to withstand thermal hazards Working with Pharr HP means working with a specialized team dedicated to creating the most innovated fiber blends in order to ensure testing protocols are met and our firefighters and first responders make it home safely.

Narrow Wovens

Fires are unpredictable. A situation can change in an instant. Every last stitch of a firefighter’s gear needs to be designed for protection. Pharr HP creates expertly crafted blends of performance fibers specifically created to ensure their reflective tape can easily be seen, their oxygen masks remain securely strapped; and their deadman pull is dependable when those tough situations arise.

Industrial Work Wear

The industrial athletes who keep power and natural gas coming to our homes, the individuals who drill for oil and refine it into gas, and the factory workers making our household products face a number of potential hazards every shift.  The challenge is to keep them safe during working hours in protective garments that can also be comfortably worn off duty during their everyday lives. Our team of innovators has meticulously tested fibers that help defend against flame and fire, electric arc flash, cut hazards and dangerous chemicals to create specific high-performance yarns. These yarns are then knit or woven into different weights suitable for a variety of work environments, all the way from the oil sands of Canada to the refineries on the Gulf Coast. Members of our team working in the maintenance areas of each plant are also kept safe wearing these garments.

Industrial Gloves

For decades, Pharr High Performance has spun high-performance yarns that offer the best in cut protection. From working with glass or sheet metal to the duties of military and law enforcement personnel, Pharr HP works with each customer to create a fiber blend that is specific to their needs, ultimately designing a yarn to protect workers hands from cut hazards while maintaining the dexterity these workers require to complete their work.

Industrial Air Filters

Imagine a building with billowing smoke coming from the vents. Now imagine that those vents weren’t covered with bags fabricated from high-performance yarns, allowing dangerous bacteria and damaging particles to escape into the air around us. Pharr HP  helps to protect our environment and the air we breathe by sourcing fibers from our arsenal that once spun and fabricated have the qualities needed to trap those hazardous particles.

Industrial (Misc.)

If you’ve ever used a roller to paint a room, the chances are likely that Pharr created the yarn which makes it all possible. If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle, chances are likely your workspace is wrapped in material made of Pharr HP yarn. Products made with our high-performance yarns are all around us. From industrial applications for testing chemicals and dyes, the making slings and even the curtains on the stage at your local elementary shcool, any of these items might contain our yarn.

How Can We Serve You?

Allow us to tailor a specific high performance fiber solution for your specific need. Contact us to start the conversation.